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The Parish of Ashford Carbonell is located some three miles below the confluence of the River Teme and River Corve.

It is one of several settlements that are located in the river valley of the Teme. Across the river is the village of Ashford  Bowdler that until the early 20th century, was in the same Parish linked by a ford. The boundaries of the Parish extend to just beyond the Serpent crossroads on the Caynham road(N.E.), Tinkers Hill on the Steventon Road, to the railwaycrossing on Saltmore Lane and towards Little Hereford to the South.

Ashford Carbonell is set amid rich agricultural land used predominantly for arable farming. The town of Ludlow lies to the North, with Titterstone Clee providing a dramatic feature in the views to the Northeast. The River Teme meanders along the western edge.

The Village is a designated Conservation Area and has a number of fine listed Listed Buildings.

There are five seats on Ashford Carbonell Parish Council and Councillors are elected every four years (next election May 2017). The position is purely voluntary and attracts no payment. (see Councillors Page)

Neighbourhood Details  about Ashford Carbonell Parish can be obtained on the following link: Census 2011

Use the Shropshire Council Local View Interactive Mapping Service which provides access to a wide range of information about services and facilities in the local area:  LocalView

If you have any questions that you would like answered, views that you would like to share or spot a problem that needs reporting in the Parish contact the Clerk to the parish Council.

Parish Council meetings are held at Ashford Carbonell Village Hall on a Wednesday Bi-monthly. Members of the public are welcome to attend and listen to discussions. Up to 15 minutes is set aside within the meeting for "public participation" when members of the public can speak on items on the agenda at the discretion of the Chairman.

For more information about where and when our next meeting is held please see the "Meetings" page. The Agenda is published at least 3 working days before the next meeting. 

The Parish Councils Parish Boundary can be seen on the attached pdf:

Ashford Carbonell Parish Boundary Ashford-Carbonell-Parish-Boundary.pdf 348.9 KB
The Green Ashford Carbonell The Green Ashford Carbonell